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  Item Ref: w4336 Click Here to Order!
Price:  44
  Description: Hundred Year Pencil GFT Cap 1943 to 1946 Shipping: £ 6
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Item Reference: w4336
Description: Hundred Year Pencil GFT Cap 1943 to 1946
This Item Appears
in our New Book
on Page:
Comments:   sold one by one for 22 each 1 Burgundy 1 Brown

Our New Paperback

Waterman Past and Present (Paperback Edition)Pens Only
The First Six Decades
Max Davis & Gary Lehrer
ISBN 978-0-9559731-1-6 £20 + shipping

  Title:     Hundred Year Pencil GFT Cap 1943 to 1946
Status: For Sale
Price:  44
Shipping:  6
Payment: Email to Order!
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ISBN 978-0-9559731-1-6 £20 + shipping
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