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New Items and Special Categories

New Items and Special Categories


Waterman 52v  Olive Ripple Pen & Pencil Set w9242 £275

Waterman Patrician Nacre Pen w9109 £625
Waterman Pens Boxed & Cased Gallery
Most importantly to find that pen for every day use, or for that special Pen for your collection I have made a Gallery with 200 super nice pens and sets to look at. 100 pens on each of 2 pages. You have the options of buying the pens with or without the pen boxes, or cases. Most collectors look for the original Box/Case to go with that important pen as it is part of Waterman History. Waterman started in 1884.
Waterman #92 Pen Set w4546 £230
Waterman Ripple #94 w5805 £587
Waterman Advertising Gallery
Being able to date the pen in your collection is very important, the advertising has a lot of Information and lets you see the date the pen was made and the original price. Sometimes the old ad has the Pen box with the pen and some ads have the ink bottle that was used at that time. Ads are not expensive and are important to verify the authenticity.
w9281 Waterman Turquoise Lady Patricia
Fountain Pen & Pencil Set 440

w7932 Waterman Ripple#52
Set £213

Nib Gallery
Lots of users do not know that there are lot of different imprints and each were made for different pens for example Waterman Colored Nib say waterman Yellow Nib this tell you that this was made for a yellow number 7 Ripple. Each of the colours were made for a different type of writing. Waterman made special Nibs for Shorthand which were called Extra Fine points. Account nibs were super fine and each have an imprint on the nib (Waterman Ideal 2 New York) a (Waterman Ideal 2 Canada) b (Waterman Ideal England) c these nibs corresponding to the imprint on the barrel that will say where they were produced.
Waterman #32A Pen Set
w5568 £137
Waterman Ripple #52 w9327 £270
Box & Case Gallery
Finding the correct box/case is very hard, one must reference Waterman Advertising and Booklets. They have information that is very important there were some catalogue made over the years so we are able to date and match up the boxes with the pen. Waterman Super range of Different Patrician Pen both in ladies and Men’s Pens there were some superb hard cases and paper box made to go with the Pen and set, The Famous Treasure Chest made around 1926 was the best.
Concord 1965 Pen w4643 £74
w9295 Waterman 92v Red Marble GFT
Pen & Pencil Set £150
Ink Bottle Gallery
For the Ink Bottle collectors it is fun to know which types of label were made in each country and the date of each bottle. We have some information from advertising and other media made by Waterman, to view this select Ephemera from the drop down menu at the top of this page.
Ink Bottles made in glass had different imprints on their bases, the ink bottle caps were made in Metal, Plastic, Bakelite, and Brass. & Cork. And the traveling cases were made in Aluminum, Metal, Bakelite & Wood
Waterman Sheraton #0552 w9317 £550
Waterman Ripple #56 w9329 £415
Collection of Waterman Eyedropper Ink Bottles

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